24" Horizontal Wooden Cabinets
Finest and most affordable wooden cabinets with tons of games


  • 24″ High Resolution LED
  • Monitor with Touch Screen Capability
  • Vinyl graphics for easy maintenance
  • Two-Button Player Button Panel with Cup Holder
  • Black T-Molding Around Edge of Cabinet
  • Dual Speakers Mounting Under Monitor
  • Includes ICT Bill Acceptor That Accepts $1-$100
  • Bill Acceptor Accepts All New Bills, Including the Newly Released $100
  • Optional Pyramid Phoenix Thermal Printer or Fledgling Board
  • Twist & Lock Player Buttons
  • Eye Bolt Security Hasp & Cabinet Locks w/Keys
  • In / Out Meters

Robust Architecture

  •  State of the art Games created with Unity 3D
  • Linux based system with encrypted root and home directory
  • Printer, Bill Acceptor, IO Board, Touch screen are all USB based ( no special com port requirement) 
  • Encrypted barcodes for tickets
  • Android and iOS app for validation of tickets
  • Ticket redemption kiosk ( works with / without network)
  • Multiple easy to use set-up options 
  • Games can be set-up with points or dollar 
  • Progressive Jackpots – can be updated from admin panel
  • Game analytics
  • Easy game updates offline (via USB) or online (via Internet)

Our Games

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